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March 21 2017

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March 19 2017

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Emma Watson addresses Vanity Fair photo controversy

Wasn’t she the one saying shut about Beyoncé but 🐸☕️

No she wasn’t. On the contrary, Emma Watson praised Beyonce’s feminism, in a long discussion article in which she talked about how Beyonce takes control of the male gaze that’s so ubiquitous in music videos, and owns it, defying the common instruction to women in the business to present the illusion of their availability to men who watch; and how what Beyonce does broadens feminism and how empowering Beyonce’s feminism is.

And then white male media pushing assholes lifted two lines out of it to quote out of context to fool folk into thinking she criticised her instead.

Because misogynists hate women and feminism and want to divide us.

It was that asshole Piers Morgan, right? He does this kind of shit all the time, he’s too scared of women that won’t bow down to men and lick their feet. I’m still paying to the universe for him to fall in a pit, preferently one that goes to Hell.

yeah he was the latest, which prompted Emma Watson to tweet the 2014 article so everyone can see her fangirling Beyonce.


Someone tattoo this on my forehead, also thank fucking god someone finally responded to this because I’ve been beyond tired of hearing misinformation about Emma Watson.

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March 18 2017

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March 17 2017

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Drawn from a photo I took

2017, watercolours

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March 16 2017

I zapamiętaj, proszę, że miłość nie jest dworcową poczekalnią, do której o każdej porze dnia i nocy można wejść albo z niej wyjść.
— J.Borszewicz ‘Pomroki”
  • me:*owns 264 unread books*
  • me:*buys 17 new books*
  • me:*rereads harry potter*
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March 15 2017



you wanna see some badass shit from the early 20th century?? The Lumière brothers created the first full color photograph… in fucking 1903! So these dudes dyed potatoes (in red, blue, and green), mashed them down into just pure fuckin’ starch, and used these dyed potato starches as filters to block out/let in certain wavelengths of light. They coated one side of a glass plate with the starches and sensitized the other side with a mixture of gelatin and light sensitive materials (silver nitrate) and loaded these plates in their cameras.. This is a really simple explanation of the process and I may have missed some things

A few of my favorite autochrome photos:

that last one is literally a LOOK

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Niesłychanym komfortem w związku jest nie musieć kłamać.
— Jan Englert
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March 14 2017

March 12 2017

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March 11 2017

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March 10 2017

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March 09 2017

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March 07 2017

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March 06 2017

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this makes me happy

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